The collective title of these images loosely organized around the idea of an alien element in a sort of pure world, is "Impurities": the idea is that there is something kind of disturbing there - and at the same time, it's not necessarily bad. Many images feature something abject, something we don't want (anymore / not here), but which nevertheless is a sign that "X was here". 

The aesthetical presentation is very much about space, that the ice constitutes a world with its own depth - and time. We can look into this world, but the threshold will soon wither, and we will share the same world again.

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 I have been working with ice as a container and a particular space, with spacial and temporal relationships to "the outside". (See also the project "Ice Inside") These images began as a techincal journey towards clear ice, but got informed by a few articles I read about dirt as "matter out of place", and a more biosemiotic view of waste as a precursor of further life.