The Threshold

I stumbled upon this project as I thought of the concept of portals and gates as passages between different modes of human experience. Stray thoughts of Shinto toriis, the blurred memory of a gate to the abyss from a movie I saw as a kid and not the least a grand landscape project I started when I studied photography (which I might present here later) melted together and gave me the idea to try to distil the idea of The Threshold.

Exhibition at Kunstkottet

A few blocks away from my studio, at Dora Bowling, I have been granted a corner where I may present myself as an artist of the neighbourhood. The first half of 2020 I had the nine squares of The Threshold exhibited there.

Here, they are all mounted on an aluminium / PE core sandwich called iBond.

Resident artist in Berlin

I was granted the Trondheim municipality residency in Berlin of January 2017, and one of my main subjects here was how light changes when it passes over thresholds, mixes with other light sources and reveals textures and spaces differently.