Who is responsible

I am responsible for the handling of your personal data, or technically it is my business with number 980 262 642 in the Brønnøsund Register Centre.

My web host format.com (privacy page), mailing list service provider MailChimp (privacy page) and handler of economical transactions in the webshop PayPal (privacy page) might handle some of your data if you provide them through forms on the website.

This website uses the updated Google Analytics (GA4), with "privacy by design" (ads personalization and Google Signals are disabled). Have a look at Google's privacy page, and also information (in Norwegian) from The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA) about statistics and analysis of websites. The site also uses LinkedIn Insight tag (for e.g. Adverts, see paragraph 12, which is anonymized, see the question "What data does my website send through this tag and how is it used").

There is also a general page in English about citizens rights in the EU.

The purpose of the collection of data

I need to collect personal data for these reasons:

  • to keep contact with those who are interested in updates about my work, either because they are photographed or have requested information during exhibitions, on the web or by other means
  • to make available password protected previews of commissioned works
  • to conduct business through the shop
  • to accept enquiries through the contact form on the web page

I do not collect data to send unsolicited mail or the like. I am an artist, not a jerk...

Permanence of the stored data

Contact information related to art projects (typically email lists) is evaluated once a year in regards to their current relevance. Sooner or later, members of such particular lists will be invited to join a more general list, which I will maintain as long as I work in the arts.
Adaptations of the website (typically password-protected pages), essentially the username and password hash will be stored until the project is deleted from the website.
When someone buys something in the webshop, the information will be stored to complete the purchase and, in an appropriate form, to fulfil demands in regards to accounting and accountability with the bookkeeping of limited edition prints.
Information received through the contact form, as well as emails sent directly to me, will be stored in my email account.

Your rights

Please contact me if you need information about what personal data I might store about you, if you need to delete or update them, or otherwise want to audit them. I am but an artist, and do not want to do you any harm!

If you want to complain about my treatment of personal data, get in touch with The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA), or a similar public body where you live or where you believe a transgression has taken place.

Contact me about privacy!

Theodor With, tlf +47 938 86 338

Bergsbakken 3, N-7052 TRONDHEIM