Ila walkabouters

Ila Walkabouters

This project touches on the ideas of Humans of Nyhavna, in portraying the relationship between people and their place, but this time it is outdoors an evening at the end of July. The picture is composed of almost 40 images: timeconsuming and fun - also because the image, because of "errors" that surface because the camera is moving between each take, gets its own life together with all the people of Ila.

This work was first showed during the Street Art festival Trondheim Gatekunstfestival in 2018.

The print is on exhibition from time to time on the fence in Skolegata, where it was photographed. Here is the proprietor of this real estate, who takes care of the hanging.

The image is almost five meters long.

Buy the image

The image is for sale in widths of 108cm and 180 cm:


Because the image is so long (9 times wider than high), it is difficult to show it properly on the screen. I have made a little video which displays the image fra left to right. No sound.