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Keep the apple away

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Death is not the end. Maybe it’s not even Death? Life grows out of what’s thrown away. Everything becomes something else, or sometimes reveals more of itself through a transformation. This actually starts already in life, any attempt of freezing a moment in time is futile. “Panta rhei,” said Heraclitus, “everything flows”. Life’s constant is change, and the only way to cope is to embrace the future and the consequences of one’s choices today. And then the choice is history, the apple is eaten. Welcome future.

The image is part of a series in which I explore a visual language I hope to use to examine traces of life. As such, they might be seen as visual statements touching on the semiotic connotation of impurity, but even more, utilising what I hope to be a visual poetic oscillation between something that is both alien and yet intertwined with the experience of being human on this planet.

The use of ice as a medium for what is really a kind of still life meditation has a lot of meaning, relating both to space and time. As a starter: the object has its own space on the threshold of our immediate reach, and this "frozen time" (unlike the photograph, maybe?) and space are slowly returned to us. But then something has happened - the photographic recording, among other things. 

Printed 48 x 36 cm (approx 18.9 x 14.7 in) with pigment on fine art photographic paper. Edition of 10, signed on the front and on the enclosed certificate of authenticity.