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Roses and peonies

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The flowers inside this block of ice were part of a bouquet of flowers I got for my birthday. Both flowers were dried up before I froze them. I love the tenderness of dried flowers, and in this photo I got the rose petals to dance in multiple layers of ice. On the other hand, the deep colour of the peonies and the thickness of the block of ice, give the image a certain weight.

Open edition print 30 x 24cm (approx 12 x 9.5in) with a generous border, fits in an A3 frame w/proper passepartout (matting). Pigment on fine art photo paper.

Limited edition (10ex) 42,5 x 34cm (approx 16,7 x 13,3in) signed, with certificate of authenticity. Pigment on heavyweight fine art photo paper.