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Icebreaking rockfoil

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The white ice of this still life is slit by the leaves of the rockfoil, like the blade of a saw, or a shower of embers gusting up and away. The Latin name actually means stone-breaker, even if that is more about its medical use than its physical strength. But they are also strong in the sense of breaking through the darkness, when they are flowering, softly shimmering in the half-dim spring and summer nights of Norway.

Open edition print 13.3 x 20cm (approx 5.2 x 7.9in) with a generous border. Pigment on fine art photo paper.

Limited edition (10ex) 13.3 x 20cm (approx5.2 x 7.9in), same size as open edition. Signed, with a certificate of authenticity. Pigment on heavyweight fine art photo paper.