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Green crossings

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Multiple levels of fescue framed crisscrossing in a block of ice, the image is a study of straight and undulating lines where the water creates an organic and uncontrollable counterpoint to the rather stiff arrangement of the grass. Every day I walk past this tuft outside my house (when it’s not covered with snow, that is). The elegant stem with the seeds dances secretly behind our alpine flower bed. It’s really a gracious and rather sturdy little mix of a plant.

Open edition print 20 x 20cm (approx 7.9 x 7.9in) with a generous border. Pigment on fine art photo paper.

Limited edition (10ex) 20 x 20cm (approx 7.9 x 7.9in), same size as open edition. Signed, with certificate of authenticity. Pigment on heavyweight fine art photo paper.