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Du skubbet tingene til sides

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You shoved it all aside, intently seeking

Marine elements fell together with Machiavelli's The prince during the improvisation for this character. They created a guide at the entrance of the Nyhavna quays from the sea. This guide has seen stories come and go. Even since "Into the Woods" was written, it has helped travellers from drowning and captains of every kind from weaknesses in handling urban matters.

Part 1: Pockethoops designed by BHW for The Prince (Fabularium Produksjoner, 2021)

Part 2: Dress designed by BHW for the girl in The Prince (Fabularium Produksjoner, 2021)

Part 3: Guide suit for "Greetings from" popup theatre (Teater Fusentast, 2022)

Part 4: Jacket for FYR ("Lighthouse", Cirka Theater in collaboration with Trøndelag Teater 2020)

Part 5: Golden dress for Cinderella in Fårrå te skogs (Translation of Shakespeare's Into the woods, Rhubarb Theater 2016)

Part 6: Top for Juliet in Trønderfår. Rabarbrateateret 2018.

Part 7: Jacket for Den Gjerrige ("L'Avare" of Molière, Rhubarb Theater 2021).

Part 8: Duck's beak for the choir in Riv skiten. ("Wipe the crap", Rabarbrateateret, 2017)

Limited edition print (20 of 54x81cm, 5 of 104x156cm). Printed with pigment ink (Epson) on fine art archival paper. Please consult your framer for optimal longevity under your circumstances.  The print has a hologram badge in verso with a matching Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artists (photographer and costume designers).

Not mounted. Shipped rolled (unmounted) in a robust packaging. The image is presented with a white border for ease of handling and mounting. 

Price includes Art Tax 5%