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Acer cera II

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The title is quite literally "Maple in wax", as the costume is "glued" together with leftover candle wax, applied on a custom bust, and carefully transferred to the model in the studio. It is the clearest example of how the costumes in this series are made for the very stage of the camera, as the breathing of a human torso made it disintegrate during the session. But that length of service is enough, when the image is made. And it's in itself a reminder of how fragile our own appearance actually is.

Printed with pigment ink (Epson) by the photographer on 100% cotton paper (Hahnemühle photo rag baryta) Acer Cera II is one of twelve pictures in the series "Of the eyes he made window panes". The combination of pigment and cotton should in itself be one of the most durable media, but the surface has not been treated further, and should be kept behind UV protection for optimal longevity. The image is presented with a white border, and signed on the front, below the print.

The print is edited in photoshop, but not a composite or a "look like a painting"-filtered image.

40 x 50 cm. Limited edition of 5. Not mounted.

Price includes Art Tax 5%.